Ecuadorian Innovators presented Elastix an Open Source software

Taken from: Ecuadorian Vice Presidency News

Quito (Pichincha) .- Vice President Jorge Glas received Edgar and Jose Luis Landivar, in his office today, June 1st. Edgar and Jose are innovators, who presented their product Elastix, created in 2006 and which is already used in the local and international market.


Jose and Edgar Landívar, with the Ecuadorian Vice President  Jorge Glas

Elastix is ​a free unified communications open source software, functional and with the goal to ease telecommunications to its customers, with: mail, messenger, chat, voice, among others.

Edgar Landivar, mentioned that Elastix is a sample of what Ecuadorians can achieve in innovation. “There is no doubt that this product is a good example of what we can do in this country, including export this product and to succeed,” Landivar mentioned. Landivar hopes that Ecuador gets recognition for its innovations in telecommunications.

In addition, Landivar brothers expressed to the Vice President, their interest in contributing to the change of the Productive Matrix. “We want to be part of that change with the advice that we can give based on our experiences and thus suggest practical and concrete ideas, which will be able to start from the idea of​innovation to implement this innovation as something profitable for the country,” Edgar concluded.

Meanwhile, the Vice President highlighted the will of Jose Luis and Edgar to convey their experiences to other innovators. “They are leading providers worldwide and achieve this with great success; they have even received important awards,” said Glas, adding that Ecuador has enough software industry to be promoted around the world.