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Elastix®, version 2.5 and 4, support is designed to solve problems or make configurations under the establishment of a scope. We provide remote support to any place in the world.

From simple to advanced configuration procedures, we cover 2nd and 3rd level of support.


  • 8×5 Attention

For development and customization visit the development section.

How it works
  • We review your requirement and establish a scope to determine the amount of hours required.
  • The support is acquired with the purchase of hours of support.
  • During the support session, you will be assisted by an Elastix® Certified Engineer in working days.
  • 8×5 support is available from Monday to Friday, from 9h00 to 17h00 (Ecuador time GMT-5).
  • The advantage for a client resides in tha amount of work required, the client will always know the cost and the lenght of the project.
  • Quick and effective support with remote login via SSH.

Support may include

  • Changes in Elastix® and/or Asterisk configuration
  • Research and/or case diagnosis
  • Assistance in Call Center setup
  • Troubleshooting/Workaround
  • Remote access

Support does not include

  • Asterisk bug resolution
  • Programming or Scripting
  • Call recordings provisioning
  • Troubleshooting of third-party solutions
  • Any other service not listed as included

Support is for versions 1.x, 2.x and 4 of Elastix®. For latest versions you can contact 3CX.

Note: Elastix® and the Elastix® logo are brands of 3CX.

Extending Functionality

Check this categories and find the most common configurations to extend the functionality of your IP PBX.


  • Fail2ban
  • Additional layer for web authentication
  • Register extensions in specific networks
  • Limit the maximum number of calls per extension
  • Limit call duration


  • Active-passive cluster schema
  • Information synchronization with another server


  • Edit incoming and outgoing Caller ID
  • Call profiles: internal, local, mobile, national, international
  • Reports with administrator privileges for monitoring users
  • Send recordings by email
  • Store recordings and backups in an external drive
  • Customize recording files name format
  • Script for automatic deletion of old recordings
  • Integrate PBX with unified dialing
  • Edit FreePBX templates
  • Callback
  • Streaming MoH/external audio devices
  • a2billing
  • g729 & g723
  • Video calls
  • Static networks for SIP providers
  • Monitoring queues status (BLF)
  • Automatic telemarketing/collection campaigns
  • Service quality survey
  • Answering machine detection
  • Agents coaching


  • AGIs
  • Database Query/Insert
  • Text to Speech using GoogleTTS
  • Automatic generation of extensions address book in XML format (can be downloaded by IP handsets)
  • Integration of the phonebook module with incoming calls

Comments from people who have used Elastix support

Scott Harris Fredlund

PaloSanto Solutions support has been one of the best investments my company has made in the last 5 years. Being that I can only do basic programming and have limited knowledge of Elastix® system, the support team has met every demand I have made of them. Troubleshooting issues that I am not capable of curing myself in an effort that my call center doesn’t goes down, support not only after hours but on weekends as well.

Scott Harris FredlundOperations Manager / Caribbean Vacations LLC
Jose Rodriguez

The service in PaloSanto Solutions is excellent, in fact, it’s the reason why we offer all our projects on telephony, because we know we’ll have timely support. There are several options in the market which must be very good, but the added value with PaloSanto Solutions is that it’s there for any support-related matter, and it allows you to deal with any issues quickly and effectively.

Jose RodriguezCTO / E-COMERCIO S.A.S
John Alam

As an Asterisk solution provider, we deployed many installed systems in Singapore. In an unpredictable situation of installing or configuring open source software, support is very important for us. The PaloSanto Solutions chat support service has provided us the confidence to solve any difficult problems, the convenience to seek quick support, and the ability to deliver a durable technical solution for the system. For that we are very happy to continue using PaloSanto Solutions service in future.

John AlamTechnical Manager / Nautilus Network Solution Pte Ltd
Joseph J. Scaffa

I have been using Elastix® since its infancy. I love the project and all of its bells and whistles. Many of our clients ask for custom applications and PaloSanto Solutions support was there to get it done and done fast! No matter how crazy the requests are coming from our clients, The Elastix support team makes crazy ideas a reality. They are truly amazing. PaloSanto Solutions has a simple and very efficient chat support service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they will help you. To say I am extremely satisfied is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Thank you PaloSanto Solutions for a great product and support that is world-class.

Joseph J. ScaffaAlpha Computer Group

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