It’s not a coincidence that at a global level, six of the ten most reliable Internet hosting enterprises operate Linux on their servers (Netcraft data, 2015). Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world, is another important example of its use.

Linux is one of the most reliable and stable operating systems; statistically it has high uptime periods in the majority of companies operating the system. In addition, Linux is commonly used as the operating system for supercomputers in the world with a presence of 84.60% (Operating system Family share for 11/2007 | TOP500 Supercomputing Sites).

PaloSanto Solutions is a pioneer in the development of Linux projects and the promotion of open source in Latin America

Our Clients Requirement

Many of our customers require support for projects and developments related to features such as:  High Availability/Clustering, Security/Firewall, Antispam solutions, backup solutions and optimization of Internet /Proxy/Quality of Service. Linux makes it possible always under a no-licensing approach.

Linux developments and implementations in our clients companies must be complemented by technical support, ensuring an effective response at all times and keeping updated the latest solutions in the industry. In Linux support, PaloSanto Solutions is one of the most experienced companies in the market, working constantly since 1999.

Our Proposal

To gain competitiveness, these days, a company needs to focus in activities that add value to their business. However there are a lot of processes that need to be working at a 100% to achieve this goal, tasks such as network maintenance which do not add value to the final customer directly but uses vital business resources.

PALOSANTO SOLUTIONS, with more than fifteen years of experience, specializes in provide these technology services. Our proposal is to add value to our customers through maintenance, support and development of projects for Linux. This allows to our clients to concentrate on what they do best.

Our team of certified professionals and engineers with LPI (Linux Professional Institute), RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) and PHP (Zend Techonologies, Inc.) are fully trained to solve problems and implement these projects.

The responsibility of our consultants doesn’t stop at the installation of equipment or a system; it extends to the maintenance and continuity.

Technical Support Plans

Our Technical Staff is available to answer your questions and give support to your requirements in 12×5 time coverage. We also have pre-paid support for 25, 50 and 100 hours per year with 24×7 time coverage and a critical response of 2 hours. These pre-paid plans have discounts and can be used for planned maintenance, immediate support, project development and Linux Implementations.

The best companies in the region have relied on our experienced team of professionals and engineers, requiring solutions to their most critical assets; we continually increase confidence with great results to their needs.

with PaloSanto Networks

Using PaloSanto Networks your network is protected at all time, day and night. This innovative system allows us to monitor your equipment online from the internet. The automatic monitoring of network equipment and their services (HTTP, FTP, e-mail, etc…) is complemented with alarms to solve unexpected problems at any time.

with preventive visits

We perform routine visits to ensure the integrity of your equipment and their performance in short and long term. These visits are essential to keep a continued operation of the network. After the visit, the consultant will deliver a report of work performed and suggested changes, allowing you to plan your future investments in equipment and implementations.

Unforeseen incidents and Causes

These are the most severe problems and normally interrupt the operations of the company; the expenses caused by these unforeseen incidents can be substantial. PaloSanto Solutions solve these incidents quick and efficiently. Our range of support includes resolution of unforeseen incidents and consults according to the pre-paid plan hired.

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